Greater Than A Princess © 2015

32 pages | soft cover | ages 5 & up

Journey with Emma to discover that her dream of one day becoming princess is already true! The royalty and beauty she desired was within her the entire time. But Emma learns a lesson she will never forget: her royalty is something deeper, something eternal…

A storyline to bless every girl, women, daughter, mother and grandmother: You are greater than a princess, as the daughter of the King of all kings. Find how true beauty, confidence, worth, and strength can be found not in self, but in the power of God.


Shaped With Love © 2010

32 pages | soft cover | ages 1 & up

In a whimsical celebration of the beauty in God’s creation, Shaped With Love powerfully demonstrates the heart of God toward his children.

A book that’s sure to delight both children and parents alike, the vibrant illustrations help depict a storyline that will strike a chord with the heart of anyone who has ever been dazzled by the display of creation.


Greater Than A Superhero © 2013

32 pages | soft cover | ages 3 & up

Greater Than A Superhero takes both parent and child through a discovery into the remarkable scriptures of the Armor of God (Ephesians 6), examining each piece of armor and bringing them to real life in the mind and heart of their child.

“Can I be a superhero when I grow up?” Join Luke in the exploration that not only is he already a superhero, he is greater than a superhero when equipped with the Armor of God.


Tummy Talk © 2011

28 pages | soft cover | ages 1 & up

Keeping your child connected to the God-given, vital ability of feeling their hunger and their fullness is paramount in maintaining and nurturing a healthy relationship with both food and their inner confidence of trusting their body. In a world of pyramids, portion-sizing and calculating calories we sometimes can forget to nurture the primary ability that our children were born with.