How We Can Help Our Children Overcome Body Image Issues (even if we still struggle)

I want so badly to help my children develop a healthy body image and a firm understanding of their identity in Christ. But can I be honest? At {almost} 40, I still struggle with it myself. As moms, we often try to teach our children truth from a place of knowing it in our heads before truly believing it in our hearts or living it out in our own lives. But one of the beautiful things about motherhood as a child of God is how he uses parenting to refine us further into all that he’s destined for us to be.

Confidence is an area in which we could all probably use a little boost. My new friend, Dr. Megan Osborne talks of a different kind of confidence, a God Confidence, in her ministry work with moms and children. I’ve been so inspired by her passion to help families like yours and mine. So I’ve invited her to be our guest here at Grace for Moms this year. Each month we’ll be hearing from Dr. Osborne on the blog. She’ll be guiding us with her expert wisdom and encouraging us to learn to accept and appreciate the body God gave us as he shaped us with his incredible love.  I want us to get to know Dr. Osborne a bit this month. I know you are going to love her sweet and passionate spirit!

Introducing Shaped with Love + a Partnership with Dr. Megan Osborne

Welcome Dr. Osborne! We are so excited to have you joining us at Grace for Moms to share your expert wisdom and insight into a topic that is of utmost importance to every woman and child.

Megan Osborne