An innovative service designed by experts in the field of Intuitive Eating…intergrated right into your PwF App.


Coaching Session

$60 / 25 minutes

  • Meet face-to-face virtually (via video meeting) with an expert in the field of Intuitive Eating. Have your questions answered, receive encouragement right where you are at on your journey toward peace with food. (Sometimes we just need a little boost, to propel us toward freedom.)

Tethering Via PwF Connect 

$250 / 7 days Connection

A tethering package includes two 25 minute video sessions, one session on the front end of the 7 days and one session at the finish of the week together. A week of tethering is a powerful way to share your daily Rhythms and receive feedback, answers, and encouragement from an Intuitive Eating expert. Like someone holding your hand all week.